Banns of Marriage

If you are getting married in Sprowston we will explain what you need to do to have your banns read. The legal requirements are, however, the same as those outlined below.

This information is intended primarily for those who are getting married elsewhere and have been told that they must have their banns read in Sprowston

It is essential to establish that there is no legal obstacle to your marriage.

We will ask at St Mary & St Margaret’s on three Sundays whether anyone knows a legal reason that would prevent your marriage. Normally this happen during the 10.30am service on the first, second and third Sundays of the month before your wedding (e.g. the first three Sundays in July if your wedding is in August).

The three main reasons why someone could object to your getting married are:

  1. You are married to someone already.
  2. You are under 16, or under 18 and your parents don’t want you to get married.
  3. You are closely related to one another.

After they have been read, you must collect a certificate.The fee for this in 2016 is £40. You must show this to the person who is conducting your wedding. You cannot get married without this proof that your banns have been read.

You can collect this certificate from the Wedding and Baptism Surgery at St Cuthbert’s on any Tuesday evening from 6pm-7pm or during the church office hours or at other times by prior appointment. Please note, you can pay either by cash or cheque.

To arrange to have your banns read in Sprowston either telephone the Revd Simon Stokes, 01603 426492 or download and complete the Banns application form and return it to:

The Revd Simon Stokes,
The Vicarage,
2 Wroxham Road,